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Checking fanningon's blog for any updates for the next episode for her fic has become a part of my daily routine haha

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The Roundabout, Chapter Three


Fandom: My Mad Fat Diary

AU Synopsis: Set in 2009, 10 years after The Station, Finn and Rae are faced with a major life change prompting them to reconsider what it means to be adults, create a home and be committed to each other. After announcing they are pregnant with their first child, the couple decides to embark on a journey (across countries) visiting friends and family in an effort to decide where they should settle down, along the way learning how to deal with unexpected challenges, unsolicited opinions, and inevitable expectations.

Inspired by this post and “Away We Go”.

Fic Master Table of Contents

The journey so far…

Chapter One | Chapter Two


Chapter Three

Finn and Rae sat on the tube, headed to a dinner for the BBC. Rae’s department finished a large project and management wanted to show their appreciation by plying everyone with food and booze. Rae would have preferred a bonus, but like the diligent employees they were, she and Finn dressed up and prepared themselves for an evening full of schmoozing. Rae stared at her shoes, rolling her feet from side-to-side on the heels. Finn sat next to her, resting his head on her shoulder. The sway of the train and the rhythmic movement of her feet lulled them both into a peaceful silence. Finn angled his head towards Rae’s ear, his breath was warm and tickled her skin. “Let’s have a baby.”

It took a moment for what he said to register. She stopped her feet abruptly, turning to him and causing Finn’s head to drop from her shoulder. He lifted his head to face her. Rae stared into his eyes, which were slightly glazed over and dreamy. She focused on his deep brown irises, almost forgetting what he said. He reached up, brushing her cheek with his thumb, pulling her focus back.

Rae laughed nervously, “What did you say?” Such a weird joke to make right now.

“Let’s have a baby.” 

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Anonymous said: please give us something, an update! it doesnt have to be a spoiler or a teaser or nothing like that just an update! how are you?? how is it coming along??


Hi lovely! 

I’m truly sorry this is taking so long, to say this had been a shit of a month would be an understatement of gigantic proportions. 

And now to top everything off, after I finish the last 6 scenes, I’ll need to edit it because I just noticed that Dragon notes wrote ‘choose two’ instead of Tuesday in one of my notes for a future scene, and i didn’t see it when I did that note - so that means my whole fucking episode is probably littered with mistakes like that. I usually never edit - takes too long and I really the reading my own work.  I swear I am working as hard and as fast as I can in between family disasters, broken bones, fretting about my dwindling money (time to get a job again possibly) and teaching Dragon notes how to understand me… I WILL get it out as soon as I can!

For anyone paying attention to Twitter, you may have notice my sister Seon, dropping some spoilers after i decided to tell her the entire plot for everything until the end of season 5 (I was testing if what I was doing was going to have the effect I wanted - it probably will.)

So with Seon’s spoilers in mind, I add this to that:

“We get into Aswan on the 4th of November, starting with a day trip out to Abu Simbel.”  Archie continued, “And then we get to Luxor on the 9th.”

“Where we will be staying in a 5 star resort because it’ll be my birthday in Luxor!”  Tom said cheerily.  “We’re there until the 20th.” 

“Oh, the Valley of the Kings!”  Izzy drawled in awe.

“Karnak!”  Chloe grinned.

“The temple of Hatshepsut.”  Rae sighed enviously.  “I’ve seen pictures… it’s so fucking impressive!”  Rae sighed.  “I’m so jealous Archer.

Anonymous said: I hope your finger is doing better! Cannot wait for the next part, your writing is so addictive. Spoiler for a greedy fan? :)


“OH MY GOD!”  Rae gasped.


Finn slammed the door shut and looked back at Rae with wide open eyes, but she also had wide eyes.

“Was that…?”

“Aye.”  She whimpered. 


Anonymous said: Can u give us the biggest spoiler you can manage please? We have been waiting almost a month!!


Putting them together takes up time i could be spent writing.  Instead I’ll just copy and paste a few lines from a scene for you:

“So dad’s in full on racist, ‘you’re not good enough for my daughter’ mode.”  Chloe appraised him of the situation, “and mum is in ‘impress the guy that’s guarding our daughter from Ian’ mode.”  Rhys gave a soft chuckle.

“Alright I know what to expect then.”  She took his hand and led him into the lounge room, sitting down beside him on the sofa. 

“I’ll see if I can get you up to see my room later on.”  She said cheekily and Rhys had to supress his chuckle; he’d never really had to worry about parents and getting to see people’s rooms before. 

“Alright missy.”  He grinned conspiratorially, and Chloe returned the grin, feeling like they were naughty children planning something against the rules. 

Anonymous said: Hey there, Hope your thumb is feeling better and you're making project with your computer program. Do you think you might be able to post another teaser? I can't wait to read ep 5! Hope you have a speedy recovery!


“What’s up mate?”  Finn asked impatiently.

“Look Finn, I know this is not of me business, but I really think you need to know what was going on with Phil and Rae these past few days.”  Sam looked pained to be saying this at all, but obviously felt that it was the right thing to do.


Friends Are Supposed to Help Each Other Part 5


Part 5 

A/N: AU Finn offers to pretend date Rae to throw off suspicion from Amy. Thanks for reading part 1part 2part 3, & part 4. Tagging some people, let me know if you would like to be tagged or not. i-love-mmfdhotterthanasnakesarsethisissomefreshbullshitold-lady-at-heartpenguinsandbowtiessey77rebrazilfinleyquietkindspecialnelsonraernundoluvs-jadetinakeggkneekeytahow-ardentlymallyallyandraperfectershewittgolightlymurderyoursoulim-a-seriesholicbusstopbitchy-broken, pissingonursoul, shadan-stone-roses.

This part is short, but i said it’d be up today, so…To be continued…

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Jessi! This is so true!

i just choked on air

i just choked on air

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Choose the man who shows compassion and understanding to everyone but still manages to make you feel special. 

"I think there’s something we both have been avoiding talking about. I think we both know what that is."

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